Born in South Africa, Catrine grew up in the picturesque area of Appenzell in East Switzerland, close by the boarder of Germany, Austria and Fürstentum Lichtenstein. The area “Appenzellerland” is famous for its traditions, art & craftsmanship. With this influence and that of her artistic family, including recognized Swiss artists Ferdinand Gehr and Roswitha Doerig, art has always been part of her life.

Catrine continuously embarks on journeys to explore new expressions of life – physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Classical ballet, singing, acting, snowboarding, wakeboarding, rally adventure competitions, yoga… are among what she performed professionally while receiving a degree in Computer Science.

An avid traveler, she has visited all 5 continents before turning 25 and ventures out to explore new countries and cultures as often as possible.

It is her career as an International Business Development Manager that opened the door to the Middle East. Impressed by the cultural and artistic vision, Qatar became her new home!

Her art work shows that she has found a way to express and voice her manifold experiences and impressions.

Artist statement

Art is my way to release the constant flow of creative thoughts and visual images my eyes catch. The strongest medium and attraction for me are colors. I am intrigued by adding unconventional materials while creating an artwork and therefore bending the rules of traditional art. It is my belief hat there are no limitations - not by form, material, size nor rules. With a few exceptions I build all frames and canvases myself.

I am a vivid advocate of minimalistic design and abstract art. Most of my inspirations I get from architects and artists like Alberto Giacometti, Mark Rothko, Le Corbusier, Santiago Calatrava and Constantin Brancusi.

welcome, ART-Lover!

CATRINE.CH      Abstract. Minimalist. Art.

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